Malin + Goetz | Vetiver Eau Du Parfum

Malin + Goetz Perfume

I'm a huge perfume snob. Because I have an unusually strong sense of smell (have you seen the size of my nostrils, I'm like a bloodhound!) I tend to steer clear of anything too overbearing. I like a delicately soft smell, not sweet but très romantic. For me, subtly is definitely key when it comes to fragrances.

As such I don't usually attend many perfume launches but when Malin + Goetz come a-calling, you very much run to wherever they point to. Those of you that have followed me for a while will know that these guys are my absolute favourite skincare brand. I think a M+G product has been in every bi-annul beauty review I've done, they are simply that good!

So two Thursday ago, I popped down to the store in Soho for their new perfume launch. Vetiver, as it's called, is a modern spin on an iconic perfumery with earthy aromas, plus a mix of fresh citrus and a hint of smoke.

Normally, all that spiel would put me right off. Earthy smell, no thanks. Citrus - yuck! Smoke - who wants to smell like smoke?! But, you know what, it works. It kinda reminded me of a Tom Ford scent: sexy and mature. Basically it smells like money and at £125 a bottle, I'd bloody hope so too. But because it's a rather full bodied smell, I don't think you'd need to spray a lot of it to achieve the whole sensual effect, hopefully saving some money there. 

So am I sold? 

Well I was very impressed by the scent, more than I thought I would be. I love that it's unisex, though my boyfriend can jog on if he thinks he's getting anywhere near it ha!

Would I buy it again?

I'm not gonna lie, the price is steep so I'm currently on the fence with that one. I'll need to use it a bit more frequently to see if a real relationship blossoms between the two of us (yes, I have relationships with my perfumes, it's perfectly normal ok). Time will tell whether Vetiver makes it unto my next Beauty Buys suggestion list, more sprizting needed so watch this space! xo


Sidenote: I scored some other goodies at a previous Malin + Goetz press day: the Recovery Treatment Oil and the gift Essential Kit, containing a selection of mini M+G products. I haven't gotten round to the minis yet but the oil is lovely. It feels light and silky without being greasy, though having used it for a few weeks now, I've decided I prefer a slightly heavier oil in the evenings. So I've been using it as a serum before my moisturiser during my morning face routine. Highly recommended! xo