Watch Me!

Vitae London

I'm being super lazy and cheeky today by posting an outfit that I've kind of already posted before. Bad blogger! But for one, this week has been crazy, like proper crazy, and I'm beyond exhausted. Hence this late post today. But enough moaning because I'm feeling really good and determined about the future, even though I might pass out right now lol. Anyway, although I've shown this outfit before, today it's all about the watch. I dunno if you guys have heard of Vitae London before but they do awesome watches that I'm really coveting atm. I love a simple, classic watch and they have them a plenty. They also do photography and took these photos for me. Gotta love their hustle! Check them out here.

Otherwise, that's it. Wish I had more to say, a funny story or witty quip but I'm draaaained so it's adios from me. I'll try and post again over the weekend to make for it. Bye loves xo



Adidas Jacket

Adidas Skirt

Adidas Trainers

H&M Top

ASOS Sunglasses

Vitae Watch (Black & White)


*Title from "Now or Never" by Kendrick Lamar