How To Source Inspiration: A Conversation with a Creative Director

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1. Where do you source your inspiration and ideas from?

I’m not one of those people who search for inspiration online on Pinterest or Instagram. I mostly get inspired by people, movies, music and nature. My head works best during the night or walking around during the daytime and just getting some fresh air and observing what's going on around me. I do still create mood boards from images online, but only if it's a necessity for clients during the creative process. Usually, I just write my ideas down so as not to forget them and then slowly start processing visuals and finding the people that are going to help me with it.

Bad Blogger | Sourcing Inspiration
Bad Blogger | Sourcing Inspiration
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2. How you aim to stand out from others with your work?

It’s so hard to be original nowadays. It took many years to analyse what I really wanted my visuals to look like and what kind of message I’m trying to give to those following my art. At the moment, I am passionate about shooting women because their differences and independence inspire me to create. I think that my art looks different when I let people be themselves during my shoots and most importantly feel good about what were are creating together. I prefer shooting with people in their homes because then the outcome is better - the pictures look so much better when the model is relaxed in their own house. If the model or I don't feel comfortable then the images look fake to me. I decided to start shooting in the bathrooms of people's houses to get the most natural, random and edgy pictures which also helps me stand out from others.

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3. How do you challenge yourself to keep producing more creative work, that is continuously improving? 

I have so many ideas going through my mind and I get inspired so easily so I don't find it hard to create. I've always been very creative and love to create something out of the simplest of things. Plus, I love meeting new people who are also creative and by talking to them I feel inspired in so many ways. For me, it's just about doing anything I like no matter the outcome. If you feel passionate about something, just go for it, whether it's really different than what everyone else is doing or the angles of your pictures come out crazy. Simply knowing that tomorrow I can get up, grab my camera, go outside and create something new makes me feel blessed and happy. And as long as I feel good about it, who cares what the outcome is. 

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