How to Wear Whyte [Studio] - P1

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This week I’ve been all about girls supporting girls, especially in respect to women taking their futures into their own hands. I love that we can all help each other grow - that's the real meaning of girl power - and so I had to shout out not only a friend but one of my current favourite, fashion brands: Whyte Studio

The Brand

Whyte Studio is a luxury outwear brand designed by Bianca Whyte. Its main emphasis is to enhance each wearer’s style through the use of iconic and staple pieces. 

The Relationship

Back in 2016, I decided to embark on a new career path and enter the world of fashion. Working for a fashion house in South London, I met this young Australian designer, who had moved to London from LA - where she had previously worked on such brands as the Kardashian Kollection - to continue progressing her individuality as a designer. We’d sit in our office chatting about the future and what we each wanted to do or become. I was always so extremely impressed with Bianca - her work ethic is genuinely like no other and her love of life is unparalleled. A motocross athlete, DJ and frequent world traveler, I would regularly joke that she simply didn’t know how to stop for air. 

Fast forward a year and we’ve both made the leap to into the world of being your own boss and doing things your own way - perhaps one of the scariest moves as a young professional. Whyte Studio was born and what an honour it is to be able to support a friend by introducing you all to the brand here. 

Bad Blogger | How to Wear Whyte
Bad Blogger | Whyte Studio
Bad Blogger | White Fashion
Bad Blogger | Whyte Studio
Bad Blogger | Whyte Studio

The Appreciation

I couldn’t be prouder to witness and support Bianca's fearless pursuit of achieving her goals. It’s this confidence and attitude, so clearly exhibited throughout her first collection, that makes Whyte Studio so alluring. She has ensured that everything from the fit, form and fabric is at its best before sending it out into the world and I’m obsessed with the careful attention to detail in her designs and her appreciation and understanding of the female form (aka my curves felt lit in this dress - Kardashian who?!). By following her gut and doing things on her own terms, she’s created something pretty awesome. That’s motivation for us all! 

So How Do You Wear Whyte Studio?

With confidence baby girl! Every piece is designed to make women feel powerful, chic and strong. SS18 will be available from Feb 2018 but in the meantime, you can see more of the current collection HERE and obvs support the movement HERE

Check back tomorrow to see how I styled another Whyte Studio outfit in Part 2 of How to Wear Whyte Studio.