Getting to Know You: Daisy Keens of Pie & Fash

Bad Blogger | Pie & Fash

With a dash of fashion, a hint of feminism and a touch of fanny talk, 26 year old Daisy Keens has created a platform that encourages all women to feel comfortable opening up and expressing themselves. A writer by day and an avid eBay hunter at night, Daisy gives us a quick peep into rather fabulous, self-made walk-in wardrobe and shares more about her blogger life, her love for fashion and why nothing is ever off-limits when chatting with her.

I'm not even really sure how I came across Daisy on Instagram. We've been following each other for a while and although the beginnings of our social media relationship might be foggy now, the love I feel for her is still crystal clear. And it's not just an omg-I-love-her kind of love either. It's a deep and emotionally binding love. It might seem odd (and granted a little worrying) that I would attach myself so fiercely to this stranger, especially as at first glance we might present as opposites. Daisy is forever draped in feathers, glitter and endless amount of PINK, while I live in black, with very minimal colour ever touching my wardrobe or my feed. Daisy is everything I'm not but everything I wish I could be. She's fun and expressive in her fashion, witty and provocative in her writing and talks passionately about mental health in a way that makes everyone feel at ease. I'll stop with the gushing now because I'll admit it's getting weird but I must say that it was so much fun and kind of a relief to chat so freely with Daisy about shopping, sex and overcoming creative blocks. She's actually the BFF that everyone needs :)

The Journey to Blogging...

Bad Blogger| Daisy Keens

I began blogging 5 years ago, on a Tumblr. I was prepubescent but life was so romanticised then, so it was all about emo quotes and tasteful porn (as is everywhere on Tumblr). Then I started writing a diary style blog at uni, named The Girl Who Doesn’t Blog’s Blog (I never quite figured out where the apostrophes were supposed to go). Over time, it progressed a little bit and I began incorporating outfit shots too.

Blogs are so fully formed now and if I were to start it all now, I would already know how I wanted it to look like but back then it took some time for me to really get interested in the aesthetic and start taking pride in it.

It changed a few times over the years and then I settled with Pie & Fash  (inspired by that most infamous of East End grubs: Pie & Mash). My blog is the coming together of fashion, feminism and douching, I guess! I write about sex, abortion, depression, fashion, waxing... I just feel comfortable, and enjoy, writing about experiences that are directly related to me.

The Target Audience...

So my readership is a mixture of one loyal man (who I don’t know but always posts complimentary comments under my work - I love him!), my mum, twenty year old women and people searching for porn who accidentally stumble onto my site or unfortunate souls looking for solutions to bedroom mishaps (I’ve had many). I guess it’s a result of the topics I cover but generally, I just see myself as the reader.

The Best Bits of Blogging...

The feedback! I know a lot of people say that the best bit of blogging has been the friendships they’ve made or the people they’ve met or the doors that have opened but I haven’t pursued blogging as a form of work or truly immersed myself in the blogosphere, so I can’t speak to that. But it’s great to have people come on my blog and feel like it’s relatable. Whenever I’ve written about depression or abortion and someone then private messages me to say how that piece resonated with them, I feel so happy I wrote it.

From an Instagram perspective, my collaboration with Ruth Melbourne was the coolest thing. I blogged about her years ago and then, four years later, we’re collaborating! Kismet! I have a whole array of nipple pasties already so I’m incredibly chuffed to have my own collection with her.

Bad Blogger | Pie & Fash

The Challenges...

At the minute, my blog is more about the work that has been published elsewhere, so it’s becoming a portfolio of sorts. I would love to write more for myself but because I’m writing for organisations where I’ll need to follow a certain tone or be unbiased, I almost feel like I’ve forgotten how to write the way I used to. And the fear of having forgotten how to write prevents me from trying to write. Vicious cycle! I probably just need to have more embarrassing sex and put myself on the front line.

Being so privy to everyone else’s growth can be challenging - even though it’s often an illusion - and feeling like you’re being left behind.

The industry is ever changing and everyone constantly has to adapt. There’s no way to slow down or stop the effect social media is having atm so we’ve all got to learn to move with it.

People always appear to be growing at such a faster pace than I am and it leaves you feeling like you’re stagnating and you should be doing more. Alas! You might not be growing in the way you imagined and things aren’t coming together as you’d hoped but I’m at one with it now and accepting doing things on my own time. If it works out, it works out.

The Fashion...

My style is an amalgamation of a lot of pink and fuzzy things. I’m a bit of a magpie and I’m really drawn to kinaesthetic things. I love feathers, furry and blingy things. I very rarely wear black, I’m just not chic enough to pull it off. I don’t feel like myself in black. When I meet people, I struggle to convey who I am by talking to them.

I don’t think I’m very good at first impressions and I feel social anxiety, so what I wear is my way of communicating who I am on the inside.

I am obsessed with my own wardrobe. I’ve turned my spare room into a small walk-in wardrobe. I bought a big feathery trimmed peignoir (a fancy dressing gown) for a shoot I did with Ruth Melbourne which hangs on the wardrobe doors and I have disco balls all over the place. I don’t even necessarily wear a lot of the stuff all the time but just having a space that’s full of my clothes makes me happier than it should.

My approach to shopping has changed drastically. I used to bulk buy an excessive amount of clothes and then abandon them in two weeks. I don’t do that any longer but I’ll see a specific coat that I want for £800 and then not shop for anything until I can purchase it. (It should be noted that this means not shopping for a VERY LONG TIME! Rolling in dollar, I am not.) I spend hours online searching for great finds and I’ve really sussed the art of it now. A lot of the time, the best things on eBay are named randomly or spelled incorrectly, so it’s about searching through those terms and bagging yourself a steal that way.

Bad Blogger | Pie & Fash Interview

Mental Health & Blogging...

I feel like nowadays we speak about anxiety and depression so much more which is, obviously, FUCKING ACE! I wrote a piece on my depression a few years ago and I remember my mum commending me for being “really brave” in doing so, but it didn’t feel that way because I will literally talk to anyone about anything and sharing that didn’t really feel like a big deal for me; it was just an extension of what I would do anyway because nothing for me is ever off limits. I like anyone around me to feel as comfortable as they possibly can; I hope that by being the person that is the most exposed allows everyone else, with their embarrassments or anxieties, to feel a bit freer around me.

I’ve written pieces on depression and anxiety and I think just the act of writing about it can help someone tremendously, despite the fact that depression and anxiety work in different ways for different people. What makes you anxious will not make others anxious but just writing about it gives people another story and perspective to consider, in order to allow everyone to understand mental health better or to aid someone struggling with similar stuff.

The Advice…

Pursue what you know and love. If you’ve got a USP, go hard on that USP. If you’re a lipstick aficionado and you know every shade, then cover lipsticks to your heart’s content. If there’s something that you feel you’re good at and you love doing it, and you’re not sure if people would like it or be interested, remember that there is an audience for everything. It’s a bit cliche to be like “they will find you!” but just keep going and work hard. I hope it happens for everyone!

It’s easy to project onto yourself what you think people would be receptive to but it’s far more productive to focus on what you love doing and harness what you already do best.

Bad Blogger | Daisy Keens

The Future...

It makes me feel nauseous! I’ll be 27 in March and then I’m three years away from 30. I haven’t got a house. I’m still in my student overdraft (don’t tell my mum). Career-wise, I don’t know exactly what I’m working towards. I know it’s a complete illusion that you’re meant to have everything figured out by the time you’re 30 (or at any age, TBH) but as these years creep up, I’m well and truly freaked out. So I don’t know how to answer that question because I have no idea what I’ll be doing even in a year’s time. SOMEONE SEND HELP!


In Your Wardrobe... My Topshop and Meadham Kirchhoff Mongolian Sheepskin jacket. I was after that thing for a year. There are only four of them in the world and it was sold out everywhere but I was in constant pursuit of this jacket.  Sometimes I wear it around the house just to feel jazzy. It makes me happy, y’know?

Accessories... I have a lot of accessories but my vagina necklaces [from Tuza Jewellery] are my current fave. I tell curious onlookers that I got my vagina moulded and subsequently turned that mould into a necklace just to freak ‘em out. My nan was not amused.

Blogs... Recently, I’ve found that I’m reading blogs less and watching vlogs more. I looooove Lydia Millen. Her laugh warms my heart. Check her out, you’ll see what I mean.

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