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How do you guys learn about and decide to try new beauty products? Do you still trust adverts on TV and endorsements from celebrities or do you rely mostly on word of mouth? Personally, I pay no attention to hype - and still haven't tried Fenty beauty as a result - but I adamantly listen to the advice of those around me, everyone from my best friend to my boss, and even my favourite influencers. As the year draws to an end, I asked the ladies that have actually impacted my beauty shopping habits over 2017 to share more about their standout beauty products of the year. Adds everything to shopping cart...

Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe @melissaswardrobe 

(The Makeup Guru)

"These are both the main components to creating my favourite nude lip. I feel like nude lips go with every single outfit and hair style. I like to keep things quite sleek so that my outfit stand out." 


Lesley Buckle @freshlengths 

(The Hair Goals)

"[The Moon Mask] literally came into my life at the perfect time. Just as the weather changed and my skin started getting super dry. It was cracking and flaking - I don’t get that. So I started using it with the PMD (personal microderm) once a week and it’s been the perfect combo."


Deborah Johnson @deborah_t_johnson 

(The Pr Queen)

"Every evening as soon I get in I get a steaming bowl, warm a little of the balm in my hands and massage it into my skin, then hover over the bowl for a about 20 secs. It melts way every last trace of make-up, leaving my skin feeling plump and refreshed. Plus the essential oils get my head to a nice place. It’s become a focal point of my wind down routine.

Special nods to Malin+Goetz Cannabis Fragrance OilJim+Henry’s Eight Leave-in Conditioner."



Sharmadean Reid @sharmadeanreid 

(The Boss Babe)

"Intense moisturising overnight cream!"


Carla Spittle @cdog138 

(The Best Friend)

Bad Blogger | Carla Spittle

"I went back to basics so as not to break the bank account in my mission to maintain hair growth and good skin. Sometimes I mix it with almond oil and use all over my body as needed. Alternatively, mix with sugar, peppermint and coconut oil for an effective lip scrub."


Tia Ward @misstpw 

(The Goddess)

Zo Polishing Exfoliator & SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Cleanser

"The exfoliator literally reveals new, fresh skin and the cleanser works as a chemical exfoliant, which gets rid of scars sooo quick."


Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe @skntalk 

(The SknDoctor)

"This is one of the best Hyaluronic acid serums out on the market! I notice a visible difference after a few days of using this - my face is much plumper and hydrated with it. It's not cheap, but it's well worth it!

The foundation sits beautifully [on the skin]! I love the glowy, sheer/medium finish and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything."