Self-Care Tips from my Self-Care Heroes

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One of my favourite things about the blog is having the chance to showcase the amazing community and network I've been building over the years, all people I admire and trust. Community matters, especially to me, as it's how I learn, get to know about new ideas or products and feel supported. Personally, I find word of mouth to be the most effective form of advertisement because whose advice is better to listen to than those in your ever-growing circle? So to celebrate a new month, a new beginning and the super-blue-blood moon (whatever that is), I asked the ladies in my life - those I class as my Self-Care Heroes, who continuously inspire me to look after myself - to share their top self-care tips on here for all of you reading this. Copious amounts of prime advice worth noting, kids!!!

Lottie Murphy @lottiemurphy_

(The Pilates Guru)

Block Out A Day in Your Diary Each Week Just For You!

"Block the day completely out so it's open for whatever you feel you want and need, whether you end up seeing family, reading a good book all day, giving yourself a facial or clearing out your wardrobe. It might even be self loving to catch up on emails so you feel on top of things. If you're constantly scheduling in time for others and busying yourself then you'll end up burning out and being useless to anyone, including yourself. I love being alone on these days and just wandering around town, getting a coffee, going to a yoga or pilates class and not thinking about work. It's when I end up getting my best ideas and reflecting a little." 


Simran Randhawa @simisear_

(The Lotus Flower)

Spend some time with yourself!

"Being comfortable in your own company doesn't mean just sitting in your room (though it can), it means being okay with going out to eat, going shopping, going to the cinema etc by yourself and being totally fine with it! Often we're hesitant to do things alone out of fear of looking like a 'loner', but doing so has taught me loads about myself and I've become more in tune with what I like/don't like, my boundaries and overall become more confident in myself. "


Seyi Sokoya @the.adventurous.african

(The Health Goals)

Speak Great Things About Yourself! 

"I'm super hard on myself and it is only when people pick out my best qualities that I think, 'oh wait I am pretty awesome' haha! So self care to me is taking time to remind yourself how great you are."


Chanice Sienna @bambrows

(The Eyebrow Queen)

Take Some Time Out! 

"It's so important to do things that make your spirit feel alive whatever that may be. Know what you like doing and do it, without any distractions or explanations."



Amy Thomson @moodymonth

(The Moody Babe)

Write a Happy List! 

"Know what makes you happy and write a list and keep it somewhere safe, what I call a 'mood food menu'. Mine are: listen to favourite playlist, phoning my friends, having long baths, cooking and reading. Nothing very revolutionary about this, but writing your list of ‘mood food’, and when you feel low getting it out, is the best way to know how to care for yourself when you most need it."


Charity Vedelago

(The Mama Bear)

Bad Blogger | Charity Vedelago

It's Okay to Retreat! 

"The world is a busy and chaotic place and although we do out best to succeed in our day to day, it's important to have a private space for ourselves to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed. It can be a small sanctuary within your own home, a quiet corner where you feel safe, at peace and can gather your thoughts. For me, my retreat is reading my Bible in my bedroom even if just for 2 minutes - it resets my frame of mind. "


Charlotte Ferguson @discipleskincare 

(The Psychotherapist)

Journaling is an extremely helpful tool for anxiety and stress relief!

"The main reason journaling can be so helpful is because it helps you work through your anxious thoughts and feelings.  Feelings of anxiety can lead to stress and rumination when left unchecked, but some of the roots of your anxiety can be minimised through focused examination - helping you to get some space between your thoughts and how they make you feel. Here is some more info on how to get started on noting down your thoughts."