Valentine's Day & All The Little Things

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, an over-rated celebration or an accurate representation of love? Are we losing touch with the real meaning of romance, having been fooled by a clever marketing ploy to part with our hard earned cash? Love is love all year round so maybe it isn't actually a relevant "holiday".

When I was younger, there was so much hype around Valentine's Day. In primary school, we'd make little cardboard pouches for our crushes to put notes in only to be crushed when they remained empty (who writes love letters at 7 years old anyway?!). In secondary school, we bought each other carnations to have sent to people's prep desks for Valentine's morning. Again, a rather embarrassing moment when you only have one carnation on your desk but the girl next you is smugly grinning, weighed down by her bouquet (they're only carnations Susan, you've not won the freaking lottery so chill out with your bragging yeh!).

Bad Blogger Valentines Day

Not much has changed being an adult either. There's still so much unnecessary pressure to do something special, exciting and uber romantic. When you’re in a relationship, there’s a requirement to display all your passions to one another in a manner as overpriced as possible. If you’re single, it’s yet another reminder that yes, you are in fact still single (because of course you need one more reminder)! 

But does it feel worth the hassle? I'm not sure I've ever experienced a Valentine's Day that truly "whisked me off my feet".  Regardless of the cards, the chocolates, the flowers, it all kind of felt a bit anti-climatic. Perhaps the gestures weren't big enough, the roses weren't red enough and no one flew me out to Paris for a champagne breakfast overlooking the Eiffel Tower (here's hoping for this year!). Perhaps I'm just a pessimist with a heart of stone but if I'm honest, those gestures didn't truly feel romantic because if you think about it...

being romantic when you're told to be romantic is actually rather unromantic!

I’ve come to realise that it’s the little, everyday things that I find truly romantic. My boyfriend making me a cup of tea on a Sunday evening without me even asking. Drinking wine and dancing to 90s RnB in my kitchen, while we cook dinner together. Leaving me notes on my bedside table when he goes to work before me. That’s the kind of love I want all year round, not only on designated days.

The same reasoning can be applied to all your relationships. Your mum who supports you continuously even when you think you’re a failure. Your friends who cheer on all your achievements, regardless of how big or small. The time you spend at home giving yourself a facial because you goddam deserve it! That’s real love, not a card with a heart on it. 

And yes, it is a nice day to spread the love. We all know we could use more love in the world, especially with the year we've all had, am I right? So have a wonderful gooey, hearts-in-your-eyes Valentine's Day but do remember that love is love all year round and all the important people in your life should feel it every day, not just today. It's not all about the grand, expensive gestures because really those little, everyday moments are what truly count. 

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