The Everyday Makeup Routine

Bad Blogger - Everyday Makeup

I'm all about that no fuss, no muss kind of makeup that still leaves me looking presentable and feeling pretty. Here is my easy, under 10 minutes routine for everyday makeup.

When it comes to makeup, I'm a minimalist kind of girl. I once tried to make more of an effort experimenting with eyeshadows and lipstick shades while at school, only to be told by my then boyfriend that I really wasn't any good at applying makeup (what did he know anyway?!).

Fast forward 10 years and I've finally found a routine that works for me. I want my makeup to be simple, enhancing of my natural features, a good cover for blemishes and something I can slap on in 5 minutes. I have very little patience and time for anything else lol.


Bad Blogger - Everyday Makeup

Current Favourite: I've used 1x Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL for over a year now and have yet to run out!! That's getting your money's worth!

Girls seem to wear so much more makeup nowadays (I sound like a grandma, don't I?) and though I have nothing against that form of artistic expression, I personally just favour a more natural look. Or maybe I'm just super lazy when it comes to makeup application. Either way, I tend to stick to natural colour shades; I just love me a brown lipstick!!

The steps above are pretty much my staple makeup routine and so far have been working out real good for me. For an extra polished look (as per the image below), I'll add some liquid foundation and eyeliner onto the list but otherwise, that's it! 

Et voila.... xo


Bad Blogger - Everyday Makeup


Are you a simple-look kind of gal or a 20-steps-to-a-flawless-face woman?