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"Live today as if it may become your last", that's exactly how I believe Italians behave, a lesson we could all benefit from. Italian culture revolves around beauty, passion, love and of course gooood food. Here's why I think Italians do it better and how we can all work towards quality living by following their rules of everyday life. 

Bad Blogger | Be Italian

If you haven’t noticed (and those of you that follow me on Instagram will have definitely noticed), I’ve well and truly caught the travel bug! With only two months of 2017 completed, I’ve already got 3 pending travel vlogs due (truth be told, it’s partly because I’m very behind on editing lol). 

There’s no arguing it, travel is just so good for your soul (Eat, Pray, Love anyone?!). You get to experience life from a different perspective and throw yourself into new cultures. It's refreshing and inspiring!

My first trip of the year was back in January, where I travelled to my other home in northern Italy (vlog coming soon, I promise!). Although I don’t preach enough about that side of me, I really fell in love with what it means it be Italian during this visit. The food, the fashion, the art, the quality of life, I came to realise that maybe the Italians do life better lol!

I love living in London but everything is so rushed here. The pace of life is too fast and the city can feel draining at times. And I’m sorry but people just look plain miserable, crammed together like sardines during those 7am underground commutes, trying desperately avoid any form of contact with one another. 

So yes, there’s most certainly a few things we could all learn from the Italians… 



Renaissance art, opera, architecture, creativity is a strong part of Italian culture and they emphasise love and beauty in everything! They take great pride in doing things well; they sing, they express themselves with over 250 different gestures. Why? Because for them, everyday is a special occasion, everyday is a celebration of life. Therefore, every meal should be delicious and every outfit is styled! Pleasure and passion are priorities in the Italian's everyday.

Everyday is a special occasion, everyday is a celebration of life. 

Bad Blogger | Italian
Bad Blogger | Italian Style


Italians take their time and delight in the little things. It is actually a mindful lifestyle. They use up hours enjoying lunch, they cook with fresh produce, they spend time with the family, they go for afternoon strolls. Siestas are a must (when oh when will London follow suit, sometimes a girl just needs a mid-afternoon nap!). There’s no need to rush through life. There’s no panic about the future. They enjoy the here and now and are much happier for it. It’s all about quality of life!


These are mighty confident people and it’s very attractive! Have you ever known an Italian to be shy and quiet!? They are touchy-feely, they hug and kiss and stroke, they aren't afraid to show some skin and they say what they think! It’s liberating because nothing gets bottled up. It’s that zeal for life because if all we have is now, why waste time being anything less than expressive and fabulous. 


So, this year, I’ll be making more of an effort to embrace the Italian in me, putting more passion in my everyday, not just rushing from moment to moment! Catch me on a Wednesday afternoon, eating pizza in Covent Garden, rocking my shades in some bomb outfit! You know why, because life’s too damn short! Just hola “Ciao Bella" at your girl and pull up a chair alongside me ;) ! 


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