Getting to Know You: Akua of Kuiya's Kloset

Bad Blogger Akua Asamoah


I initially met Akua September last year but had been Insta BFFs with her for some time before. You know that one Instagram follower that’s got your back even though you’ve never met them. That was Akua for me. A real girl’s girl and an eternal optimist, she gives out genuine praise and support freely, something that is rare to find in our current climate of #Instafame obsession. 

I was intrigued by her forward friendliness so invited her out to a Fashion Week event and an Insta-homie became a real-life friend. After hearing about her gamble to become a full time blogger, without necessarily having the financial stability to support such a move, I decided to sit down with Akua to find out more about her blogger journey, her hopes and dreams and her opinion on the future of blogging. 

Her blogging journey … 

Bad Blogger Akua

I started the blog over two years ago, during university. Initially it started because I used to change my nail colour every week and then tweet a picture. One of my friends suggested I start a blog as she always looked forward to my weekly nail tweets and thought others might enjoy it too. I then started a Tumblr, which was literally just posting images but I decided I wanted to write as well. So after a while, I moved over to Blogspot in order to achieve this. 

After university, I decided I wanted to take the blog down more of a fashion route as I have a such an interest in that too. I was bit more anxious to go into that field just because I was worried of being judged on my style or the way I looked. That’s why I probably didn’t make the change sooner but I finally felt ready to take the risk. My first photos were taken in my friend’s garden ha! I wasn’t yet confident enough to do it in the street but I quickly got into the spirit of it, grew more confident and begun taking more streetstyle shots. I still use my friends to help me take photos and I can now go further afield into central London and not just in someone’s backyard. 

The name [of the blog] has evolved over the years. When I first started blogging, I had a name that was nail related: Nail Me Right on Tumblr and then Nail It Right on Blogspot. When I started blogging about fashion, people would still think my blog solely featured nails. So I decided to make the name more personalised, including all the different things I enjoy. I came up with Kuiya’s Kloset. Kuiya is the nickname my friends gave me and the Kloset not only represents my personal wardrobe but also my world and all things related to me. I much preferred the personal touch to the name change, especially including my own name within it.

This past year, I’ve dedicated more time to YouTube. I actually started my channel about two years ago but I was on it on and off. Once I started blogging full time, I picked it up again and with that, the beauty side of my blog developed. I wouldn’t have classed myself as a beauty blogger back then but I got the vibe that YouTube and beauty go hand in hand so I somehow I got into it.  

Her target audience … 

I feel like my ideal reader is someone who would grow with me. Probably someone in their late teens to late 20s, maybe even early thirties. Just young females that are into fashion but who don’t necessary have ideas on how to put clothes together. My blog is mainly a source of inspiration to show people what’s out there and how they can put looks together. I’m not exactly sure what my target reader should be but that’s kind of the line I’m thinking. 

Her style...

I would say that my style is like a daring, plain Jane. I don’t necessarily wear outrageous pieces, I just tweak simple looks to be a little bit more out there and daring at times. It’s probably a mix of conservative and preppy. I like to play around with clothing but I am quite safe in how I wear my outfits. I wouldn’t put myself in any extreme brackets e.g. sporty, gothic. Maybe just feminine. Basically I like wearing plain pieces and make them a little bit more different. 


The future of blogging….

That’s a really hard one. Sometimes, when I think about it, I get nervous because blogging is fairly new as a career option so it’s hard to predict where it’s going to go. We don’t know if the government are going to introduce regulations that would cut back on so much of that industry. It could either just keep getting bigger and bigger, replacing celebrity advertising because people find bloggers more relatable. Or it could go down a different route of becoming too saturated, where there is no real need or use for bloggers anymore. I don’t know, it’s a tough one. 

I’d like to think it will just keep getting better. I like the idea that anyone can become a blogger. You don’t need qualifications and there are no set requirements. You just need dedication and passion to really work hard at it, then it’s possible to take it somewhere. At the same time, it can be a bit annoying that anyone can just pick up a laptop, become a blogger and saturate the market even more. 

Instagram is a big player at the moment too. There are some people who only have an Instagram but get the same opportunities as someone who has an actual blog. I’m not sure if I would say it’s more important but having an Instagram with a good following is just as good as having a blog. Some brands won’t care if you don't blog, as long as you have a good following on whatever platform you’re using to promote yourself. Posting on Instagram is so easy and quick, it’s understandable why people would make that shift. 

Advice on starting a blog...

For those who haven’t started, I would just advise you go for it. Just start writing or take a picture of an outfit. That’s if you’re interested in fashion but whatever you are interested in, if you have a genuine desire to write about it, ideas will come to you easily. 

I also suggest working on your photography. I think you need to have good photography skills because good imagery will always capture people’s attention. When creating your blog, think about developing a layout that’s easy for people to navigate around. That’s always a good thing. 

And then finally, just try and be consistent with your posting. I know I’m not always consistent but it does help ha. Make sure you’re using social media to promote the blog because it goes hand in hand. I’ve personally found that Instagram is the best social media platform to use. It’s almost like a microblogging platform of its own. And yeah, don’t give up. Just keep going no matter what. 

Bad Blogger Akua

Her future….

Well in my dreams, I’d like the blog to get bigger. The YouTube as well. My blog has progressed a lot in a short time but it’s still not enough for me. I’ve dedicated so much of my time to my blog so it’s something I’ll still be continuing but I think I need to pursue other things alongside the blogging.

So I’d like to start a business of my own. That’s the ultimate dream. I would love to learn how to sew. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I actually do have a sewing machine but it’s so hard to do it myself; I think I may need some lessons. I’d love to be able to design and make clothes to sell. That’s on my bucket list. 



Fashion Pieces ... My Jas M B bags! I have both navy and red and they are my go to bags. The craftsmanship and design of the bags are amazing. I'm even thinking of adding another colour to my collection, possibly green or black. I also love my Topshop 'Jamie' skinny jeans and my Zara snake print pumps (the most comfortable pair of heels I own).  

Beauty Products ... I am absolutely loving Charlotte Tilbury's 'Super Cindy' lipstick and Collection Cosmetics 'Caramel' liquid lipstick. When it comes to skincare, I adore Neal's Yard Remedies 'Wild Rose Beauty Balm'. 

Bloggers ... I like Romeo's Fashion Fix,  Melissa’s Wardrobe and Negin Mirsalehi. They are all so different and all so amazing in their respective ways.  


Check out Akua’s WEBSITE and YOUTUBE to keep up with her story.