Feels So Good Being Bad

Bad Blogger - Fail With Confidence

What does it mean to be a bad blogger? Why did I feel the need to re-identify and rebrand myself online, after being Carelle Style for almost 3 years? Here I share more about my desire for a change.   

New year, new month, new blog, new vibe! Things are looking a little different around here, aren't they? Carelle (my previous blog) has been reborn as Bad Blogger, a fresh home for an attitude shift. I know some people will be interested to find out why I made the change. For me it was mostly about not fitting into the blogger mould and being OK with that. Instead of chasing popularity, I want to take new risks so as to create something compelling and different.  

To break it down, there are two main reasons why I made the change, reasons that have now become my slogan for what is means to be a Bad Blogger. 

1. Fail with Confidence

I've come to realise I'm a massive perfectionist and always have been. Straight A student in school, School Perfect, Head of House, Bank Prefect, Captain of 1st Team Netball, promoted to Manager during my first year of work after university, headhunted by a fashion company thereafter...I could go on ;). My perfect plan of being the most perfect person ever was going swimmingly until the end of last summer when I lost my job. Yep, Miss Perfect wasn't so perfect after all! That was a hard hit for me, one that I used to label myself as a HUGE failure.

In order to bounce back, I had to shed that perfectionist illusion and learn that ultimately there is no room for growth without making mistakes. They are part of life's education and the best lesson any us will ever learn. So instead of running away from errors and missing out on so many opportunities because of the fear of failure, I've come to embrace my mistakes but still re-evaluate what actions I need to take in order to achieve what I want. So while Carelle was a perfectionist, afraid to err, Bad Blogger is fine with falling down 7 times and getting up 8 because that's truly how you win. 

Everyone can relate, I'm sure.  We put pressure on ourselves to be better parents, better partners, better friends, better bosses, better bloggers. It's OK to accept that you're not always going to get it right as long as you still try anyway. That's what being a Bad Blogger is about: not being perfect but putting the effort in, so that if you fail, you fail with confidence! 

Bad Blogger

2. Be Individual 

It's not the first time I've said this but I'm getting mighty bored of some of the content I see other bloggers produce. The same white walls, the same outfits, the same poses, it's a cyberworld of copycats. Where's the experimentation, where's the creativity, where's the innovation?

And yes, initially I played the cookie-cutter blogger game. Somewhere in the years blogging as Carelle, I compared myself to others and forced down the generic avocado-on-toast vibe. But trying to be like everyone else just didn't fit because really I wanted to stand out, not blend in. So I shed Carelle in order to grow into something more unique. 

I wanted to experiment with locations, try night shoots (something that is fast becoming a signature for me), do more video content, connect with other bloggers or creatives in a way that wasn't focused on growing my follower count. I wanted to be more than another pretty face on social media, have more than a cool Instagram page. Be individual, that's the true heart of being a Bad Blogger!

To sum up, a Bad Blogger is someone who wants to be different, accepts they might get it wrong occasionally but isn't afraid of the risks. So all the Bad Bloggers, put your hands up! 


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*Title from "S&M" by Rihanna