The London Fashion Week Guide For First Timers

London Fashion Week Guide

Heading to London Fashion Week for the first time this season? I've compiled a quick list of the basics to be aware of in order to survive fashion's trendiest week in London, from a fashion blogger's experience. 

London Fashion Week is upon us once again and this season I've decided to avoid most of the madness and busy myself with other personal projects (more on that soon). Regardless, I thought to pass on my knowledge from 2 years of previous attendance. Below is a short list of the quick basics to help make your experience as smooth and wonderful as possible, things I wish someone had told me during my first visit (would have saved me a few blisters, I'm sure!). 


1. Comfortable Shoes

No doubt you'll be wanting to look as fabulous as possible but does that fabulousness have to come at the price of your feet? My first year of Fashion Week I wore stilettos and was near tears by the end of the day. I recommend wearing stylish flats or cool ankle boots. If you just can't fathom attending London's most prestigious event of the year without your heels, then might I suggest you pack back up comfies for the moments you won't be seen. I promise you, your feet will thank you for it. 

2. Charge Your Devices

This is a given but one that I've forgotten to do several times #badblogger !! There's nothing worse than being at the last show of the day with a dead phone or camera. How will anyone even know you were there if you can't Instastory it? You'll be tweeting, snapping, etc... all day so make sure all your devices are fully charged and you have a back up battery or portable charger with you to avoid device-less embarrassments. 

London Fashion Week Guide

3. Network, Network, Network

Fashion Week is the best time to meet new people, make fresh connections and really get yourself out there. Make sure to have you business cards at the ready to hand out freely at shows and events and then just throw yourself into making some new friends. I'm met some of my now blogger buddies and collaborative contacts from networking at Fashion Week so get chatting.  

4. Plan Your Outfits & Perfect Your Poses

Streetstyle is a major part of Fashion Week so make your outfits are on point (but no need to go over the top please). Photographers are a plenty around the Fashion Week shows and just a stroll through these parts will no doubt ensure you get snapped a few times. Practice a couple of the poses at home so that when confronted by this photo-clicking swarm you don't end up with a deer-in-headlights look (been there, done that, had the embarrassing photo tagged all over Instagram). 

5.  Locate a Hub

You might have some time to kill in between shows so plan on locating and creating a hub for yourself, where you can replenish yourself with water, coffee, blister pads (bring comfortable shoes!!) and snacks. Blogger hangout spots are ideal so if you can, email places like The Apartment or The Blogger Programme about accessing entry. 

6. Scheduling

Don't be surprised if you have to queue for a while before a show, sometimes even if you have an invitation. If it's a particular popular show, you might have to allow yourself AT LEAST 30 MINUTES to queue outside, in order to guarantee entrance, so make sure you're scheduling is hot! Once inside, everyone is crammed in to view a show that lasts at approx. 5 minutes. Gotta love Fashion Week!


Have fun!!! Let me know what your first time experience is like. 


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