Bad Photographers

London Photographers

For a bad ass blog, you of course need some bad ass photography! Here is a list of the photographers I use to transform my blog from cookie-cutter to SUPERBAD! 

If there's one question I get asked repeatedly, it's who does the photography for my blog. I've definitely upgraded from the days of standing on the side of my road, posing for my 14 year niece, who had to sacrifice her weekends for my ambition ha!

Now I work with some incredibly talented, up & coming photographers who I owe so much credit to! Below are some of the work we've taken together and links to their Instagram handles. Don't be afraid to contact them for work, they don't bite I promise :D.


Michael Burchardt

My go to for streetstyle photography! I've been shooting with Mike for over a year now and he is always such a pleasure to work with, continuously making me feel at ease in front of the camera!

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I'm not sure if Mooez has ever taken a bad photo? The ideal fash-un streetstyle photographer, he makes every outfit look like it's couture (trust me, I've really tested him lol)!

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Jane Kuznecova

I love Jane's passion for creativity. We've done some lovely studio work together and she's so patient with me, especially when I'm feeling adventurous and want to try something a little out of the ordinary lol!


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Silvijah Gec

The queen of experimental photography and my go to babe for magazine worthy portraits! I have complete faith in Silvijah producing the coolest looking photos. Doing a night photoshoot with her was one of my inspirations behind redefining my blogger style.

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Indy Sagoo

Specialising in commercial, fashion and beauty photography, I only just did one photoshoot with Indy and from that landed 2 brand collaborations and got signed to a modelling agency. If that's not a good enough referral, I don't know what is.

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