Let Me Feel Myself

Bad Blogger | Let Me Feel Myself

Growing older is scary and off putting, right? In fact, you couldn't be more wrong!!! At only 26 years old, I'm feeling the sexiest, strongest and most empowered I've ever felt in my life and here's why. 

I felt an urge this week to reminisce over the good times past and browse through some of my photo albums: the baby pictures, the school uniform photos, the first all-girl-holiday shots, the gap year, the piles of prints from endless uni nights out. Only twenty six years old but I've already lived a damn good life! 

Whilst flicking through these photos, I lingered a little longer on the late teenager to early adult years, reflecting on the way my body has changed over a decade. My face has stayed exactly the same from day one to right now, though the skin is perhaps a little more tired looking. My arms have lost some definition from not playing as much Netball as I did at university and my thighs and bum, a little rounder than before, a result of one too many cheeky Nandos and a slower metabolic rate. 

Yes, my body isn't what it used to be. Perhaps I'm not as toned or fast as a few years ago and I'm definitely much more exhausted than my 20 year old self that could bounce back after a 5 hour bender with only 4 hours sleep to her name. But you know what?! I've never felt sexier and stronger than I do today. It's all down to confidence and experience, something I'm learning to own more of these days. 

Bad Blogger | Aging Well
Bad Blogger | Let Me Feel Myself

There's a misconception in our society that youth is sexy and ageing is scary but give me a smart, experienced and comfortable-in-her-skin woman and I'll show you what the real definition of sexy is. Confidence is sexy, attitude is exciting, knowledge and experience is hot! So it's not really about how you look, it's much more about how you feel. And lately, I've been feeling like I'm an extra in Missy Elliot's 'I'm Really Hot' video lol!

My body may have been deemed more physically appealing at 19 years old but by having increasing control over my life now and understanding myself better, I feel 1000 times more fierce! There's not too many years left till I hit the 30 mark and while the world aims to convince us that we women fall off the grid at that age, I refuse believe that growing old isn't empowering. Take Beyonce as case and point. She was hot at 20 but she is FIRE now! If that's not enough evidence to prove we get finer with age, I don't know what is!  

So lI'll end with this. While I feel so much love and fondness for that 18 or 20 year old version of myself, eternally frozen in my dusty photo albums... I'm happy to tell you that she ain't got shit on the me of today!! ;););)

Bad Blogger | Feeling Myself

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*Title from "I'm Really Hot" by Missy Elliot