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Bad Blogger | Natalia's Blog Interview

Coming back from LA I've realised the power in collaboration, networking and creating cool shit together. America is so forward thinking in this respect but over here we are a little slower on that front. We don't like change and try relentlessly to accomplish things on our own. That's not necessarily a bad thing but I've come to learn that no one gets to the top on their own.

We've all got to help one another, even if just up another level. 

So this is my year of meeting people, throwing ideas around and seeing if we can come up with new and fresh content, angles, inventions, whatever. Natalia Homolova from Natinsta Blog (the sweetest and friendliest chick, swear!) contacted me a little while back and we ended up doing a shoot together, with a little fun facts interview also. You can see all the pictures and the full interview over on her page. Hope you like it ;) xo 

Bad Blogger | Natalia Homolova