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$86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day… What would you do? Draw out every cent, of course? Each bank has such a bank, it’s name is TIME. Every morning it credits you 86,400 seconds. 

Who remembers the film In Time with Justin Timberlake? Granted it was terrible and I never actually made it to the end so I’m not quite sure what really happened BUT I was very impressed by the premise behind the movie. From what I gathered, the general gist is that humans living in some dystopian universe spend time as money. So instead of earning a salary, you earn time. Instead of splashing the cash for a fancy dinner, you pay with time. If you spend up all your time, it’s game over for you buddy because you die. Slightly depressing perhaps but also kind of mind-blowing! Imagine if that was the real world and we were all being super cautious and calculated about the activities we were doing day to day because our time was so valuable that you couldn’t just spend it mindlessly. Gets you thinking, right? 

I’m not sure where the saying “time is money” comes from but it’s quickly become my slogan for this week. In the working world, we sell our time to make money. We enter contracts with companies trading our hours for a salary. Working as a freelancer, this has become even truer now that my time literally equates to cashflow. I’m constantly calculating how much work I can squeeze into my day to make money and juggle my personal projects and spend quality time with my family and friends. It’s like a really annoying maths equation that I haven’t quite cracked yet or a time management riddle that I can't solve. As a result, I’m so over wasting time. I detest sitting in meetings that leave me wondering what the point of it was in the first place. Or grabbing a drink with someone just for the sake of it. In those moments, I’m stuck feeling frustrated, as I mentally list all the things I need to or could be doing instead because it’s time I'll never get back.

And it’s not about continuously working, grinding, hustling because as I’ve mentioned previously, busyness is unproductive (read more here). Scheduling in you time, building relationships, creating memories - that’s all time well spent. Procrastination is not. As we grow older, time feels like it’s speeding up as we try to find our feet in the adult world. Thus, it’s so important to streamline our focus unto the things that will ultimately be worth our while. If time is money then we need to be financial planners in our own lives, reviewing what adds value to our days and what’s ultimately an unnecessary distraction.

The same way you’d check your bank statement is the same way you should check your activities and how you’re managing your time account: are you getting value for money translates to have you gotten your value for time? 

So with the bank holiday weekend upon us, for sure get out there and enjoy yourselves - whether partying at Carnival or chilling at home watching the finale of Game of Thrones (I’m so freaking excited!) - you deserve it! Just please don’t forget to spend time reflecting on the value of how you spend time. You feel me?

I’ll leave you with a final thought: I read once that Warren Buffet asked his personal pilot (standard!) what he wanted to accomplish in his life other than fly a billionaire around. The pilot came up with a bunch of ideas of which Warren advised to him write a list of 25 professional goals he wanted to achieve. From that list, the pilot had to pick the top 5 and subsequently forget all the other goals until he had completed his prime list. Those 5 things required his undivided focus, time, energy and anything else was a distraction therefore not valuable. Those other 20 goals were only ever to be looked at again once the top 5 were achieved. It’s not an easy task - believe me, I tried - but it’s a great way to put emphasis on the truly valuable activities. I encourage you all to give it a go because after all, time is money honey!

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