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Bad Blogger | Back to School for Adults

Summer fun is all done and it's time to embrace back to school vibes as autumn falls on London. Unpack your winter uniform and restructure your work-life timetable to get all your 2017 goals and targets hit by the end of year. Let's get our heads in the game again kids!

Alas, it’s time to say au revoir to summer and hey ho to autumnal vibes. As always, it went by way too quick, especially with the struggle of British summer problems here in the UK *sigh*. However, I am looking forward to the end of one chapter and a new beginning - a feeling that tends to come with the changing seasons. With our entrance into September, you’ll no doubt have heard the phrase back to school being thrown around, not just through the groans of sullen teens or the rejoices of exhausted parents, but everywhere from fashion adverts to publication features. So before that tired term begins to grate on us all, I’m jumping on the bandwagon as well. 

The logic behind back to school isn’t just for the kids y'know. While children put on their uniforms once again and teachers hurriedly draft lesson plans, the rest of us can start getting ourselves into gear for the final leg of the year. With less than four months till 2018 - and the always-too-soon mention of Christmas being around the corner - ‘Back to School’ is the perfect excuse for us adults to reflect on a new period of professional and personal development, both in terms of what’s already happened and what’s to come.

Bad Blogger | Back to School

For me it’s not only meant a wardrobe revamp and an unpacking of jumpers and boots, but also a time to refocus the goals I had at the start of the year - noticing what I’ve already achieved and addressing the goals I still need to meet - and just generally putting my head down to really get on with the work that needs to be done. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last fortnight reevaluating my work patterns, my blogging habits and the future. I’ve even created a school timetable for myself - similar to the one I had during A-Levels - to help with my time management and the appropriate dedication of my attention and energy to the right ventures.

At 27 years old, I’ve tied myself back to the schooling system to implement routine and order in my life.

Summer fun is done so there'll be no more bunking off work on a Wednesday afternoon to eat an ice lolly in the sunshine - I've got a new curriculum to follow! And after a 2 week trial period, I’ve found it to be a great way in helping get my focus back up to scratch and step up my game in all areas of my life. Routine and structure works, clearly our teachers were on to something after all.  

As a result, I’ve got my head back in the right space again and have started conceptualising new ideas and directions for the blog so #watchthisspace. Now whether you’re embracing the back to school vibes as much as I am, or feeling too cool for school scheduling, there's still just enough time to make sure all those wishes and hopes for 2017 to come true - as the new season brings another chance to analyse and strategise a plan for how you’ll action your goals over the next quarter. So dust off those New Year Resolutions or career roadmaps from the start of the year, get your shit together and start winning at life. Okay, pens and pencils at the ready kids, and good luck! x

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