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A quick guide on all you need to know about accessing designer sample sales across London, in collaboration with LONDON Sample Sales

The last year has made me so much more money conscious when it’s come to shopping - a result of going freelance and therefore panicking about every penny spent, as well as a desire for acquiring more quality than quantity as I get older. As a rule, I won’t buy something unless I absolutely love it and can actually afford it. Sadly, I tend to love more things than I can afford but I’ve found a smart way around that dilemma: sample sales. 

What is a sample sale? 

It’s where a retailer or brand has an end of season sale to get rid of unwanted stock. 

Can anyone go? 

In the past, sample sales seemed like a fashion industry secret, reserved for those working in that field, along with their friends and family - those on a need to know basis. It was kinda hush-hush and I felt very out of the loop.

Until now. 

A wonderful friend of mine has launched a platform called LONDON Sample Sales, giving everyone access to London’s designer sales. All you need to do, to be one of the first to know about the latest events in the city, is follow @ldnsamplesales on Instagram and sign up to their mailing list to receive exclusive invitations. There’s no catch - it’s that simple - so what are you waiting for?

And to seal the deal, I even got some sample sale hacks off founder and sample sales queen herself, Miss Eniola Tamara - tried and tested by yours truly, whilst hosting an Instastory takeover on their page at the Three Floor sale in Shoreditch (the jacket of which, I’m modelling in these photos):

[Three Floor Suit Jacket: RRP £310, Sample size buy £45]

[Three Floor Suit Jacket: RRP £310, Sample size buy £45]

1. Check the Website!

Before you go to the event, it’s a good idea to pop on the brand’s website to get a snapshot of what to expect at the sale and what you should be looking out for.

2. Spy the Land!

Don’t just jump at the first thing you see. Take five minutes to have a thorough walk around so as to get a better idea of layout, price ranges, etc.. before making any hasty decisions.

3. Get Snapping!

Take a picture of the pricelist to have as a reference when making final decisions in the changing room. If you’re really stuck, send pics to friends for advice or pop a snap on Instastories to get quick opinions. 

4. Don’t Force It!

Separate your needs from your wants and then start making your final decisions. Remember, if it doesn’t look right or doesn’t fit the occasion you’re shopping for, let it go. Sorry Cinderella but if the shoe doesn’t fit… you know what to do! 

5. Check for any rips or broken zips!

Replacing tears or reattaching buttons might not seem a big deal but factor the costs of having to fix things within your overall budget. Also make sure you’ve got the right size shoes in both pairs. Remember, there are no returns or refunds so you need to be happy with what you’re purchasing. 

Got all that? Perfect - you’re ready to give it a go IRL!  The next sample sale will be for Reiss on 27th - 30th September. More information, as well as more tips and inspo, available via @ldnsamplesales. You've got this, boo x


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