My Makeup Transformation

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When it comes to my makeup routine, I'm pretty simple (read: lazy) in terms of my everyday look. As a model, I need to keep my face as natural looking as possible for attending castings, etc... Plus, I have very little patience/attention span for actually applying the makeup (and am always running late FFS), so I need my makeup to be ready-to-go in about 10 minutes. I think I generally pull it off okay but you can be judge here

Last week, the lovely and super talented, Tanji S, contacted me about doing a makeup collaboration to show me the magic and art involved in transforming your face. I was blown away by the results, having previously believed that contouring and baking didn't suit my face shape - a result of some truly terrible makeovers in the past. But Tanji kept it subtle on me and created a flawless look in under 20 minutes!!! These pictures have NOT been edited in anyway - it's just a testament to how great Tanji is. Mad right?!

Wish I could share how to achieve this look but I'm still learning myself. However I do have the list of the products used so you can try similar at home. Excuse me while I rush off to buy every piece ;)