My Secret Sauce for Success

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What comes to mind when I mention the word success? Do you imagine wealth or fame, or a well paying job that you enjoy, a big house and a nice family, critical acclaim, or spiritual contentment perhaps? Or even all of the above (you high achiever you!). We all view the manifestation of success in our lives, and the lives of others around us, very differently from one another, which will naturally change several times over the course of our lives. Right now, success for me is about creating quality work that generates an income. In 10 years, it might be about raising children to be functioning and kind human beings. 

Regardless of all our different standards of success, recently I’ve been wondering whether there is one methodology to achieve that desired result? I’m no expert, but after slugging away at the entrepreneurial life for over a year now, I have started to become aware of 3 recurrent points that make all the difference to the success of success, of which I have dubbed as my secret sauce!


1. Skill Development

In her book, Grit, Angela Duckworth lays out her formula for success, which places less value on talent and more value on effort. Duckworth writes, “Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” Doing anything well requires the development of a certain skill. If you want to be the best runner, you need to practice and work on your technique. You want happier relationships, you’ll need to work on your communication skill sets. You want more followers on Instagram, you need to brush up on your exposure methods. Putting in effort into developing quality skills that add value to your life or others will ultimately lead to growth, so roll up your sleeves and get those hands dirty. 

2. Consistency

You only need to type into to Google ‘is consistency important’ to come across countless articles explaining the necessity of consistency all areas of life, whether developing a brand, mastering a skill or parenting. Effective growth and development requires repeated effort and focus - essentially an organised method of persistence and determination. Why? Because it builds momentum to achieve your goals. How? That really depends on what works for you. Be realistic about your own capabilities and figure out what helps you achieve optimum consistency with small and specific goals over time. Implementing structure and routines via timetables, deadlines and to-do lists work well for me. The good news is that the more you do it, the more it’ll become second nature to you. 

3. Faith

I honestly believe that without faith, success is unattainable. Faith doesn’t necessarily mean faith in God. It just means believing and trusting in someone or something that will keep you going on the difficult days. It could be in the universe or it could simply be in yourself. I really admire those who have a strong faith in themselves. Personally, I’ve always struggled with anxiety in trusting myself to pull through challenges. It was more effective for me to develop a faith in something bigger than just me in order to quell my doubt and get on with the work that needed to be done. Faith is never quitting on your dreams so if a belief in dandelions and sunflowers is what guides you through life’s hardships, then I’m all here for it honey. 


Add all that together, and hopefully, we’ll be on to a winner! It’s not easy - that’s for sure - but then again nothing in life worth having comes easy, am I right? x