#PressforProgress With My Bad Mama

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For Mother's Day, I decided to make an impromptu, surprise visit back home to Nigeria and spend time with my oh-so-very-beautiful and oh-so-very-wise mother (and partly to escape the cold in London ha!). It's always such a pleasure to sit and chat with my mum - a woman who has lived an incredible 60 years filled with much struggle, success, excitement, drama, highs and lows. You name it and she's probably done it!

[I also got to take her to watch Black Panther for the first time and she was grinning like a child throughout the whole movie, concluding that it was the best film she's ever seen!]

Forever my inspiration, I wanted to share some of the conversations we had with regards to this Women's Day and its #PressforProgress theme, discussing how we can move forward as individuals, women and Africans (advice heavily influenced by Black Panther, no doubt, ha!). Mum was super excited about this theme because, for her, progress is essential to living. She described it as the ultimate goal in whatever we pursue and without it "you'll stagnate and stagnation stinks!" More pearls of wisdom from the guru herself below: 




"Every individual has a talent, and as such everyone progresses in different directions. It is essential for progress to understand where your specific talents lie and work to build and develop those skills. It is your responsibility alone to do the work needed in order to excel. Repeated practice, whether reading and researching, is the personal effort required for your growth."  



"As women, we are often faced with discouragement and situations that work to hinder our progress. Regardless, we must realise the immense potential residing in each of us and the incredible inner-strength that is unique to womanhood. While society has focused on a "weakness" associated with feminity, time and time again womanhood reminds us how much we can endure and have endured. We possess so much power and as such, I have never let societal perceptions of female limitations stop me from doing whatever I wanted to because I truly understand and celebrate what it means to be a woman."  



"Africa is an incredible continent full of culture and tradition. While some of those traditions are important to our identity, there are times when we must progress further. We can't stay stuck in our localities while the rest of world advances in technology and digital spheres. There can be a balance between our own customs and the modernisation of the outside world. We are better able to connect with one another than ever before and can use that to our advantage, by understanding diversity and learning from others. Tradition can be a wonderful thing but as the world grows and changes, those customs need to be refined to apply to a new setting." 
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