My Goodies

Carelle - Pure Pr
"Heaven isn't a place, it's a feeling"

...and I'll most definitely be feeling heavenly after I finish testing out all these amazing products Pure Pr have gifted me with. How great are they? Seriously, I can't even believe my luck. Some are oldies but goodies and others are new and hot off the press...either way I'm really gonna enjoy taking my time experimenting with them all and then give out my honest opinions. That is what I call living the dream! So as there are numerous products to try, every Monday I'll pop up a post about these different items and so I'll try and keep Mondays as my Health and Beauty days (still can't believe that I'm kinda transitioning into a little bit of a beauty blogger, eek it's so exciting!). 

I really have to thank Deb at Pure Pr for hooking me up with all these lovely products, genuinely. She invited me down to the showroom on Friday and it was literally like I'd died and woken up in a beauty blogger's heaven. Stacks upon stacks of shelves filled with makeup, hair care & skincare products, sprays, balms, serums and everything else imaginable! I got to sniff and feel so many different items that my senses were on fire lol. And to top it all off, Deb gave me a brief breakdown of the background to all the products available and helpful tips over a glass of vino (...or two). This quickly diverted to chat about our mixed Nigerian heritage and I left basically in tears after laughing so hard for nearly 2 hours. Could you ask for a better working relationship? I've been on such a good high ever since and I'm sure playing around with all my new beauty toys is gonna keep that high going for a while. Especially because I think pampering and taking care of your body is super important for things like how we age, mental and physical health, mood and stress levels and simply keeping me happy. So I encourage us all to put more effort into beauty regimes and if anything, we'll all at least smell great at the end of it haha. In fact, I'm gonna go try a face mask now and just chill this evening. Time to switch off and unwind. Bye xo 

*Title from "Goodies" by Ciara