About Elvira

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Elvira Vedelago is a 26 year old creative living in London, England. A stateside birth, Italian ancestry, Nigerian upbringing, a background in psychology and an interest in fashion, style and social connections are the make up of this individual, all exhibited within this blog. 

Bad Blogger is Elvira Vedelago's visual style and lifestyle diary. A contemporary tale of a millennial girl's journey, the successes and failures.

Previously known as 'Carelle', Elvira has updated her blog to reflect her growth over the last 3 years living in London, the way city life and her growing affinity for her own culture has influenced the small changes to her fashion sense and general attitude.

Bad Blogger is product of this continuous progression; a place where mistakes and creativity are welcome and a platform to express the dualities within this individual, good and bad. 

I am...

rigid | FLEXIBLE

passive | ACTIVE

elegant | COOL


introverted | EXTROVERTED

intelligent | CREATIVE

 nigerian | ITALIAN

restless | CALM

white | BLACK


good | .... BAD BLOGGER